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Now Testing: Earn Extra for Each Additional Lyft Line Pickup

We’ve designed a new pay structure for Lyft Line — and you’re one of the first to try it out. For a limited time, you’ll get a pickup fare for each additional Line pickup (after the 1st one). The more pickups in your Line, the more you’ll make.



So, for example, if you have a three-pickup Line route, you’ll get +$1.25 in pickup fares (on top of your time and distance rates). If you have a four-pickup Line route, you’ll receive +$2 in pickup fares.



Educating Passengers to Improve Lyft Line

It’s clear from your feedback that passenger education is a game-changer when it comes to Line rides. To start, the Lyft passenger app reminds your Line passengers to be ready outside, and stick to their requested destination. Here are a few other new education features we’ve added for passengers:



1-Minute Timer

To keep you moving (and earning), passengers have 1 minute to get to you instead of 5 minutes.



Stop Announcements

Your navigation app will say both the name and address of each destination out loud.



Fewer Cancellations

We’re working to make sure passengers cancel Line rides less often, and only when they really need to.