Introducing Easier Pickups

After taking a deep dive into your feedback, we built two improvements into the app.

  1. Five-minute timer. The ‘pick up’ screen now features a five-minute timer so you can see how long you’ve been waiting for your passenger(s).
  2. Pickup confirmation. Just like you tap ‘arrive’ at a pickup location, you’ll now tap ‘pick up’ when your passenger gets in the car. The power is in your hands to tell us when the ride starts.

We also added some clarification text to the five-minute timer and cancel confirmation screen to remind you that you’re paid for time spent waiting, starting one minute after you tap to arrive. Here’s how that works in common scenarios:

  • You complete the ride. You’re paid for the time you waited, plus the time and distance of the ride itself.

  • You cancel the ride. If you cancel a ride before the full five minutes and without trying to call your passenger, you won’t be paid for the time you waited.

  • Your passenger is a no-show. As long as you wait five minutes and try to contact them, you’ll collect a cancellation fee for your time.

Each of these features was designed with you in mind — and there are plenty more where these came from. Stay tuned for new features as we upgrade the Lyft experience in every ride