Pausing Service in Everett, for Now


As the Lyft community has grown in Everett, city officials have adopted new rules that can result in jail time and fines for you. To protect you, we've made the difficult decision to pause local pickups until the situation is resolved.

In June, Everett’s City Council approved new rules that require drivers to obtain a business license and submit to duplicative background checks. We opposed this measure because Seattle area drivers already have to get multiple licenses and pass a background check, but this rule passed and City Officials have stated they will begin enforcing it on August 31.

We comply with rules in cities large and small across the country. But Everett’s rules don’t take into account why it may be difficult for every Lyft driver that could enter their city to obtain a business license in such a short period and sets a dangerous precedent that could result in many conflicting and confusing requirements for drivers in the Seattle area.

We know this will affect you and the income you rely on. We'll continue fighting for Lyft in Everett, and we appreciate everything you've done to make this community a success. We’ll continue to work with City Council to address these issues and resume pickups. You can help. Ask the City Council to bring Lyft back to Everett.