Express Drive 101

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Every Lyft Express Drive renter has their own system — but we’ve noticed a few things that can help make your experience as smooth and easy as possible.


  1. Keep an active credit card on file. Make sure your credit or debit card on file is active and in your name. This’ll ensure you can cover charges if you don’t end up driving enough to meet the weekly rental cost, and keep your account from being deactivated. If you’re an active driver, tap here to add a card to your account.
  2. Give 20 rides to meet the weekly minimum. Keep an eye on your Dashboard to track your weekly rides. Know how many days you’re going to drive each week? Plan ahead and figure out a daily ride goal to make sure you hit the weekly minimum.   

  3. Renew your rental in person every 28 days. Set a reminder for yourself to bring your rental back where you picked it up, every four weeks. We’ll run some routine safety maintenance and make sure you get in and out as quick as possible.

  4. Know who to call for help. For Hertz Rentals, call roadside assistance at 800-654-5060. For Maven rentals, press the OnStar button in your vehicle for assistance.

  5. Meet your peak hours requirement. Peak hours are when your rides are in the highest demand in your city. You need to give a certain number of rides during peak hours to qualify for Rental Rewards. Prefer the morning commute to working the weekend? Plan out your week to make sure you hit your peak rides at times that work best for you.

  6. Avoid fees and traffic. Get a local toll pass and add your rental to avoid lines for tolls. Remember: If you have a passenger in your car, they’ll always be charged for tolls — and you’ll get reimbursed.


If you have any questions, we’re here to help.