Keep More of Your Earnings as an Express Drive Renter

To give you more control over the price you pay, Flexdrive is offering flexible pricing plans based on how many personal miles you drive. Personal miles are the miles you drive when you’re offline — when you’re not waiting for requests or giving rides —  such as when you’re running personal errands. You can now pay a lower weekly price for your rental if you drive fewer personal miles.

Your new Flexdrive price options in Detroit


You can change your plan from week to week, and you can add extra miles for those weeks when you’ll need to drive a little more. When you select a new plan from your phone, it will go into effect the following Monday at 5 AM. Change your plan

What happens if you go over the mileage limit? 

You can always add extra personal miles for those weeks when you’ll be driving a little more. In Detroit, it’s $30 (plus taxes) for every 50 miles. 

As an Express Drive renter, you’ll still enjoy: 

  • Unlimited earning 

The miles you drive with Lyft won’t count toward your mileage limit. You’ll need an acceptance rate of 70% or higher to access unlimited miles for Lyft earning. 

  • Insurance and maintenance included 

Your weekly rental fee covers insurance, standard maintenance, and roadside assistance. 

  • Personal miles tracking

Your rental has built-in mileage tracking. It’s connected to your Lyft app so you can see how many personal miles you’ve driven. Learn More ›

The new prices will be available to drivers in Austin, Detroit, Houston, and Philadelphia. 

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Unlimited Lyft miles apply in your home driving region and require a 70% ride acceptance rate or higher. Terms and conditions apply