Know When You're Available for Requests

We’re rolling out an update to the Lyft Driver app that makes it clear whether or not you’re available for new requests. And when you need to take a break, it’s just a tap away.

Just tap the wheel to receive ride requests, then tap again to stop receiving them.

Offline Toggle.png

You're offline, which means you aren't able to receive any requests. 

Online Toggle.png

You're online, which means you're available for new requests, or giving a ride.

Last mode Toggle.png

You're on your last ride: you won't receive any new requests until you go back online.

Ready to take a break?

Just tap the steering wheel icon to gray, and you’ll stop receiving new requests immediately. If you tap the icon while a ride is in progress, that will be your last ride (until you go back online). If it’s a Line, new passengers may still be added to the route, but you won’t receive any new requests.

Keep your app updated to see this feature.