Remember These Four Things: Lyft 101

Our driver community now gives over 1 million rides every week — and passengers choose Lyft because of you. The experience you create is more than a ride: It’s part of our movement to connect strangers, friends, family, and even celebrities. Each 5-star ride gives you an opportunity to earn a tip, too.

From playing great music to sharing your Starbursts, every driver has their own secret to success. After hearing feedback from the community, we’ve uncovered the four essential elements for every 5-star ride.

Ace the welcome.

"Always greet your passenger by their name, with a HUGE sincere smile. It helps make sure you're picking up the right passenger." — Makeda, Oakland

"Wiping down seats and door handles with wipes, and a spritz of Fabreze between rides puts you on a whole other level." — Jose, SF

"I always ask if the temperature is right." — William, Newport Beach

Drive safely.

"I often ask if they're going to work, and how are we doing on time? I then ask if there's a faster route that would get them there safe and on time. My motto is always safety first!" — Raquel, Chicago

"When dropping people off at their home, wait a few seconds extra just to make sure they safely enter their home." — Mark, LA

Connect with music.

"Sing their favorite song along with them." — Donzell, Dallas

"Use low playing music as an icebreaker." — Taelor, SF

"Have an aux cord if possible. Passengers love to be able to jam out to their personal tunes." — Ana, San Diego

Leave people delighted.

"Share interesting places that you come across while driving with passengers." — LeeAnn, Atlanta

"Treat every rider as if they are the most important person in the world.  Make this experience one they will remember, and remember that you can affect someone’s whole day by just giving them an ear." — Derek, Nashville

"Try handing out Capri Sun fruit punch packs instead of water. They travel well and are easily compacted when done. space is a premium in my Prius!" — Andrew, Austin

"Help with their luggage or with the groceries they loaded your trunk with.  They appreciate the small things even if they don't accept!" — Derek, Nashville