Everything You Need to Know About Lyft Line in LA

Lyft Line makes it easy to rack up more rides, putting you on the fast track towards weekly bonuses. Here are the answers to the most common questions.


Q: What do I do if there are multiple people with luggage and it won't all fit?

A: Line is designed for no more than two passengers per pickup. If the first passenger shows up with luggage or an otherwise heavy load, you can politely ask them to request a classic ride.


Q: What if there is a conflict between two passengers?

A: Line usually attracts pretty friendly and social people, so this is rare. But if you ever feel unsafe or worried about the safety of your passengers, pull over and ask the instigator to exit. If there’s reason for additional concern, give us a call at our Critical Response Line (855-865-9553) and we’ll help you through it.


Q: What if a passenger requests a Line and has a dog?

A: Use your discretion. By law, you must accept service dogs (Roofus can ride in the passenger’s lap, so they’re not taking up an extra seat). However, if you’re concerned that another passenger might be allergic or have a problem with it, kindly suggest they re-request a ride. For the most part, people are comfortable with pets – and most people traveling with one will request a classic ride.


Q: What if my passenger has a different number of people than they noted in the app?

A: Gently remind them you can only pick up two passengers per stop. If they have three people, you’ll be automatically prompted to skip this passenger, and can tell them to re-request a classic ride. Once you skip them, this will cancel their ride. If it’s your first passenger, you’ll receive a cancellation fee.


Q: What if the passenger’s pickup location is different than what the app says?

A: If the pin is incorrect, you'll be able to mark the passenger as a ‘no-show’ once the timer runs out.


Q: If a passenger wants to get out mid-ride, what should I do?

A: Find a safe place to pull over and let them out. Then mark them as a ‘drop off’ in the app.


Q: With Line rides, I’m supposed to stick to the route. What if there is an accident and I need to navigate around it?  

A: Go ahead and find the safest way around it. It's important that you stay as close as possible to the route, but we trust your judgement.


Q: Do I still get Prime Time for Line rides?

A: Yes. If Prime Time is in effect for your first pickup, you'll receive that rate for the entire trip.


Q: How do I use the Destination Mode feature?

A: Tap the arrow in the top right corner of the app and select Destination Mode. You'll be prompted to enter your destination. When the filter is activated, you'll only receive classic or Line requests from passengers along your route, going your direction.

Have patience in the beginning: Because this mode filters out ride requests, it might take longer than usual to find you a match.


Q: How does Line impact my Power Driver Bonus?

A: Every Line ride counts towards your PDB. So if you pick up two passengers, you’ll get two rides that count towards your goal (note one exception: If you’re using Destination Mode, we can’t count those toward PDB).


Q: Will my ratings drop because of Lyft Line?

A: Ratings typically do not decrease when we launch Line in a city. If you ever think you’ll be rated unfairly because of something outside your control, use the comment box! We review your comments and will take action if necessary.  


Q: Aren’t I doing more work for less?

A: You’re still paid by time and distance, even without a match. Plus, there’s less downtime between each ride, each passenger is another opportunity for a tip, and each ride counts toward your PDB.


Q: Why can’t I opt out of Line?

A:  We’ve made a big marketing investment in Line to help grow the community, leading to more passengers and more rides for you. It’s important that we have drivers around to meet those requests and deliver great experiences. Passengers introduced to Lyft through Line often become loyal Lyft passengers — and ultimately use Lyft as their main mode of transportation.