LAX Vehicle Restrictions FAQ


I own a Transportation Charter Permit (TCP) vehicle. Why am I unable to pick up Lyft passengers at LAX airport?

Los Angeles World Airports does not permit TCP vehicles to pick up rides in the same area as non-TCP vehicles at LAX airport. All TCP vehicles must complete pickups at the Lower Arrivals Level pickups section.

Lyft cannot currently send TCP vehicles to this separate Arrivals area, therefore you will not be permitted to pickup Lyft passengers at LAX.

This restriction only applies to doing pickups at LAX airport. You can continue to pick up passengers throughout greater Los Angeles as well as other California cities.


Why am I able to pick up passengers with other TNCs' app in my TCP vehicle but not with Lyft?

Lyft currently does not have ability to send TCP drivers to pick up passengers from a separate location than non-TCP drivers.


My vehicle is not a TCP vehicle. Why can’t I pick up passengers at LAX?

If you are unable to pick up passengers at LAX with Lyft AND your vehicle is not classified as a TCP vehicle, bring your vehicle to the Los Angeles Lyft hub and one of our representatives can help you out!


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