Creating Smoother Line Rides

Read on to learn more about features that can help improve your ride experience. 

How We’re Helping

It’s clear from your feedback that passenger education is a game-changer. In addition to these features, the app also reminds them to wait for you outside and stick to their requested destination, with more to come.

Countdown Timer
To keep you moving (and earning), passengers have one minute to get to you instead of five.

Stop Announcements
Your navigation app will say both the name and address of each destination out loud.

Fewer Cancellations
We’re working to make sure passengers cancel Line rides less often, only when they really need to.


How You Can Help

Confirm the number of passengers you're picking up. This way, we’ll know how many seats are full and can plan accordingly. If your passenger has an unexpected friend with them and there’s space available, it’s no biggie: They can instantly update their request.