Lyft for Good: Chicago Cares

Lyft is more than a ridesharing service. It’s a platform for connection; from Lyft Line pairing you with an old friend or even your wife, to record labels and artists, and making new friends.

Our drivers have seen it all, and we’re so glad that we are able to watch you use Lyft for Good to connect with your community. Recently, freezing Chicago temperatures motivated local drivers to gather clothing with local organization Chicago Cares.

 Drivers sorted clothing for Chicago Cares.

Drivers sorted clothing for Chicago Cares.

­­“Chicago Cares is the city’s leading connector of people, communities, and causes through volunteering,” driver Marcus Weemes said. A natural fit with social Lyft drivers, the organization gathers small groups up to thousands of people for altruistic projects. On this day, Lyft drivers sorted over 2000 cold-weather clothing items to deliver to local charities for distribution to the homeless. “Just being with my fellow drivers made it fun,” Weemes continued. “We talked about helping out in the future for their events.”

Thank you to all the drivers who gave back to Chicago – Liza Garcia, July Hizon, Jill Koenig, Nina Page, Madeline Montalvo, and Weemes. A worthy cause, good company, and a community made of people out to help others. Now, that is Lyft for Good.

Have an idea to implement Lyft for Good in your area? Let us know!