Will all Denver drivers be able to accept delivery requests?

Yes, however this will be a very small test at the start, so only a handful of Denver drivers will receive requests.


What if I don’t want to deliver packages?

We hope you’re as excited about this new venture as we are. However, we understand that some may be unwilling or unable to deliver packages. If this is the case please call the Walmart associate immediately after receiving the delivery request (the “Passenger Name” will be “Walmart Delivery”) and tell them your situation. They will be able to cancel the delivery request without any effect on your acceptance rating.


What happens if I don’t see a Walmart associate when I arrive?

Similar to a passenger ride, we ask that you wait 5 minutes for the Walmart associate to arrive with the groceries. If you don’t see anyone, please give Walmart a call through the Lyft app (the “passenger” in this case). Since this is a test, we are learning as we go and would appreciate your patience in the event it takes longer than 5 minutes.


What happens if I can't find the customer?

Give the Walmart associate a call through the Lyft app (the “passenger” in this case). They will contact the customer and arrange for drop-off. If the customer is not available, Walmart will ask you to return the delivery to the Walmart location. You should only end the trip once the entire delivery process is complete.


What if I cannot reach the Walmart associate?

If the customer is not available and you are unable to reach the Walmart associate by phone after two attempts, please return the groceries to the pick-up location. Make sure the groceries are returned to a Walmart representative before ending the ride.


What happens if the customer has questions or feedback about the delivery process, Walmart, or the order?

Please call Walmart Customer Care: The number is on the order summary.


Do I have to deliver to the door?

Yes, Walmart has committed to offering door-to-door service for its customers and groceries should be delivered to the customer, not just left at their doorstep. Please do your best to find a safe and legal parking space before leaving your vehicle.


Will Lyft pay for my parking or any related tickets?

No, Lyft will not cover any costs of parking or parking tickets incurred for parking illegally.


How am I paid for for deliveries?

Your fare will be the calculated in the same way as with a passenger. Base fare, time, and distance apply. Additionally, early driver participants in the pilot will also receive a guaranteed $5 tip from Lyft!


Am I allowed to accept cash tips from delivery customers?

Walmart does not encourage their customers to tip for deliveries. However, since these are Walmart customers, not Lyft passengers, you can accept cash tips if they’re offered.


Do delivery rides count towards Power Driver Bonus?



Do I still get paid Prime Time?



How does this help drivers?

  • It’s an opportunity for more rides during weekday off-peak hours

  • For the duration of the pilot, driver participants will earn a guaranteed $5 tip from Lyft per ride


Still have questions?

As always, our Support team is available 24/7 at lyft.com/help


Program terms are subject to chance. Participation is subject to Lyft's Terms of Service