Same Earnings. Easier to Understand. 

We’re updating the way your earnings are displayed in the app and Dashboard, including a new Earnings Breakdown section. We want to be clear that what you earn won’t change. You’ll just be able to see all the details about your earnings: the amount you take home, what the passenger paid, Lyft fees, your city’s rates, and more.

Know What You’ll Earn

rate_card@2x (2).png

There’s a new ‘Rate Card’ section of the Dashboard: You can see your city’s base rates, time and distance rates, and more for all ride types.

See What’s Yours

cash_out@2x (1).png

You’ll automatically see your take-home earnings throughout the rest of the app, no math required. 

Understand the Details


Your new Earnings Breakdown includes Lyft fees, what the passenger paid, and more.

The Breakdown also includes a new ‘Lyft Received’ Section. What your passenger pays can be more or less than your earnings— so the total here can be positive or negative.

  • If the total is positive, it goes toward growing the Lyft business and increasing demand for your rides.

  • If it’s negative, we’re covering the difference between your earnings and what your passenger paid.

Tap ‘Ride History’ in the app, and ‘Driving History’ on your Dashboard to see this new view.

As a reminder, you can find all the details about Lyft fees in the Lyft Terms of Service and Driver Addendum.