You’ve let us know that fewer taps makes for smoother rides. With this in mind, we’re updating your Lyft Driver app to make it easier than ever to pick up and drop off passengers — and in fewer taps than before.






No extra taps.
Navigate pickups and drop-offs in fewer taps: just one to ‘Arrive,’ and one to ‘Drop off.’











See your next move at the right time.
The app will display your next step, so you’ll know when you’re picking up, dropping off, and everything in between.










There when you need it.
Ride details, like the ‘Call passenger’ option, are always just a tap away.



Since last fall, we’ve introduced a number of updates to the Lyft Driver app that are designed to provide a smoother driving experience. 

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Keep your app updated to get the new experience. It's rolling out across all cities this summer!