New Orleans: Cash In During Jazz Fest

The annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is taking place from April 28–May 7 and is expected to draw over 400,000 attendees, creating especially high demand for rides and more ways for you to cash in.

Where to Drive

You can expect the highest demand before and after each night’s events - check out the complete Jazz Fest schedule to stay up to date. Lyft drivers should have their Lyft emblem displayed on the inside of your windshield — it not only looks great on you, but also helps your passengers identify your car.

Jazz Fest Traffic and Road Closures

The Wisner Boulevard Bridge Overpass is closed for construction, so drivers should seek alternate routes when traveling to and from the festival. Some navigation applications may not be up to date, so drivers should be mindful when reviewing their routes. Gentilly Blvd. will have traffic restrictions between N. Broad St. and Paris Ave. nightly when the festival lets out. During this time, traffic will not be allowed to travel toward the Fairgrounds on Gentilly Blvd. Transportation Network Companies should direct drivers and riders to meet at other locations (e.g. Paris Ave. south of Gentilly Blvd., N. Broad St. east of Aubry St., or Moss St.)

Follow these tips to avoid citations with local officials:

  • Make sure you don’t hang out at taxi stands, in traffic lanes, or in bus zones.

  • It is illegal to stop:

    • in traffic lanes  

    • in front of or within three feet of the curb return (the curved section of a curb located at a corner of an intersection) in a public or private driveway, wheelchair ramp or bicycle ramp

    • within an intersection

    • within 15 feet of a fire hydrant

    • on a crosswalk

    • within 20 feet of a crosswalk or an intersection

    • within 20 feet upon the approach to any flashing light, stop sign, yield sign, or traffic control signal located at the side of a roadway

  • Only accept rides through the Lyft app.

Best Pickup and Drop-Off Locations

To keep your rides running smoothly, try using these designated pickup and drop-off spots. They’re as close as possible to the event, while still avoiding major closures.


Thanks for helping New Orleans keep Jazz Fest attendees moving. See you on the road!