Picking Up Passengers in Maryland  


Lyft drivers cannot conduct pickups in Maryland until Lyft has the necessary documents in your Driver Dashboard to submit your Transportation Network Operator (TNO) application to the Maryland PSC.


Want to Conduct Pickups in Maryland Again?

Please ensure you have the following in your Driver Dashboard:

  • An approved vehicle

  • Valid proof of Vehicle Inspection: Drivers are required to upload a State Vehicle Inspection Certificate from Virginia, Maryland, or DC.

  • Valid Registration: Drivers are required to have vehicle registration.


If you meet these three requirements, please visit us at one of our Hubs, or write into support, and we will submit your TNO application on your behalf.

Baltimore Hub:

1501 St. Paul Street, Suite 116

Baltimore, MD 21202

Washington D.C. Hub:

2011 Crystal Dr, 1st Floor

Arlington, VA 22202


Once your application is submitted to the PSC, we will notify you, and you will be able to resume pickups in Maryland.


Frequently Asked Questions


I have a new car, do I still need an inspection?

Yes, All vehicles must have an up to date state inspection certification.


How can I get a vehicle inspection?

For more information on state inspection certifications please see our help center pages:


When will I get my TNO license?

The Maryland PSC will not issue a physical license. Once your TNO application is approved by the PSC, your TNO license number will appear in your Driver Dashboard, under the “Driver Info” tab. Don’t see your number there? Hang tight! Until you receive approval from the PSC  you will not see a TNO license number. You can still continue to drive on the platform while waiting for your TNO license number to be issued.


What if my application was rejected by the PSC?

To find out why your TNO application was rejected, you will have to reach out directly to the PSC at tno.inquiry@maryland.gov. In the email please make sure to include the following information:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone #

  • Email address