Here’s Your Strong Beer Festival Driver Guide

The 17th Annual Strong Beer Festival happens tomorrow! With 130 breweries and over 450 craft beers on tap, this is one of the largest beer festivals in the state of Arizona. As the official rideshare partner, attendees will be relying on Lyft for safe rides home from the festival.


Getting to the Festival

Exit on 3rd Street or 7th Street off Interstate 10 if coming from the south.

Use either Central Ave or 7th Street if coming from the north.

The main entrance to the park and the festival is on 3rd street, just north of Indian School Rd.


Lyft Pickup / Dropoff Zone

Head north on 3rd Street from Indian School to access the park. Drivers MUST display their Lyft trade dress, or security will not allow you into the park.

As you enter the main parking area, stay to the right and look for the Lyft Pickup / Dropoff Zone near the bright pink Lyft tent.


Waiting for Requests (queueing zone)

Drivers can be anywhere inside the pink area pictured above and they will be placed into the queue. The queue is first in-first out. The driver who has been waiting within the queueing zone in driver mode the longest gets the next request.

  • Your physical location within the queueing zone does not affect your spot in the queue, but if you exit the queueing zone, log-out of driver mode, or miss a request you will lose your spot.

  • Passenger cancellations don't affect your place in line. If your passenger cancels on you, head back to the queueing zone. As long as you're back within 5 minutes, you'll be placed at the front of the queue.

  • Driver cancellations and missed requests do affect your place in line. If you are the one to cancel a request, or if you miss a request, you're placed at the back of the queue.

You can view your place in line in the app. Learn how to view your position in the queue here.

Lyft Emblem

Keep your Lyft emblem displayed and visible at all times while giving Lyft rides.

If you’ve been approved to drive, you should receive your Lyft emblem within a couple weeks. Didn't receive one? Let us know and we’ll look into it. In the meantime, you may print your own temporary emblem, or stop by the Lyft tent and we’ll give you one.