Get Extra Earnings With Power Zones

We’re excited to introduce Power Zones, our easiest incentive yet.

With Power Zones, you get more for every ride during eligible hours — and it’s personalized to each driver. If there’s Prime Time in the area, you’ll always get the highest rate.

Plus, there’s no opt-in, ride minimum, or acceptance-rate required to qualify.

When a Power Zone is available, it’ll be clearly displayed in the console when you’re in driver mode (see below for more details). If you’re eligible, you’ll be able to see your week’s full schedule of zones and hours in the Dashboard ›

How to Earn More


Drive to Power Zone

During qualifying hours, drive to your zone within the purple border — as shown in the console.





Accept a Ride

Make sure to accept a ride while you’re in the Power Zone.





Cash In

Get paid more for every ride. Remember, you’ll always get the highest rate if there’s Prime Time.





See Your Earnings

You’ll be able to view your Power Zone earnings in your weekly summary found in the ‘Driver History’ tab on the Dashboard. If the Power Zone rate was higher than Prime Time, your earnings will labeled as “Power Zone earnings”. If not, your earnings will be lumped together under Prime Time.


It’s now easier than ever to earn more per ride with Power Zones — and we can’t wait for you to try it. See you on the road.