Creating a Premier Experience


You invested in a high-end car to enjoy a better driving experience. Similarly, Lyft Premier passengers pay more to have a better ride experience. Whether they’re en route to the ballet or a business meeting, these rides have a big impact on both their plans and your wallet. (After all, Premier drivers average 55% more tips.)

You can quickly transform your ride with a few extra touches. Here are a few ways your fellow drivers prep for Premier.

Read the environment.

“First, I check the passenger’s body language. If they’re texting on their phone or giving one-word responses, they might not want to talk. If they’re engaging, I try to get to know them.” — Sarah, Nashville

“I find the best way to start a conversation is to ask a question like, ‘Having a good day so far?’ They can always simply answer yes or no. It’s a good way to gauge if they’re in the mood to chat.” — Heath, Chicago

"I always ask if the temperature is right." — William, Newport Beach

Drive safely.

"I often ask if they're going to work, and how are we doing on time? I then ask if there's a faster route that would get them there safe and on time. My motto is always safety first!" — Raquel, Chicago

"When dropping people off, wait a few seconds extra just to make sure they get inside safely." — Mark, Los Angeles

Go the extra mile.

"Help unload luggage from your trunk. They’ll appreciate the offer, even if they don't accept!" — Derek, Nashville

"Wiping down seats and door handles with wipes, and a spritz of Febreeze between rides puts you on a whole other level." — Jose, San Francisco

"Treat every rider as if they’re the most important person in the world.  Make this experience one they won’t forget, and remember that you can affect someone’s whole day." — Susan, Nashville