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Your Quick Guide to February Earnings

From football to candy hearts and valentines, February’s top events are coming up — and we’ve got your guide to earning the most.


Sunday’s Big Game


The game may be happening at Atlanta’s stadium, but passengers all over the country will be gathering together to watch two teams go for the championship — that means more rides for you. Expect to see higher than usual passenger demand correlated around the game schedule, preparing for the largest spike in rides in the morning and following the game. Kickoff is set at 3:30 PM PT/6:30 PM ET and the game ends around 7 PM PT/10 PM ET.

Pro tips:

  • Ride requests tend to slump during the game while everyone’s tuned in, so if you need a break (or want to catch the latest score), this is your chance!

  • Be the real MVP: Keep extra chargers and water bottles handy to score high-fives (and better tips) from passengers.


Valentine’s Day

The biggest date night of the year gets Lyft passengers to popular restaurants and out on the town. Daytime rides on Thursday are expected to be normal, but requests will start increasing after 5 PM as dinner reservations and special plans kick off, all the way through 2 AM when passengers are heading home after a night of chocolate, drinks, and good times.



Now that you’ve got the best times to drive, here’s where you can expect more passengers requesting rides on these days:

  • Bars: During Sunday’s game, prepare for pickups and drop-offs at popular sports bars as locals travel in packs to stake out tables — and big-screen TVs — all over the city.

  • Residential neighborhoods: For fans that want to avoid the crowds and table grabbing, house parties and small get-togethers are more their speed. That means more ride requests for you (no one wants to be boxed in someone’s driveway) and maybe a few added stops at the store if an appetizer gets forgotten. We’ve been there.

  • Restaurants and cocktail lounges: Valentine’s Day gets couples and friend groups out to share a nice meal and cozy cocktails together, so expect your city’s best restaurants to be the go-to for riders. And don’t be surprised if you have to make a pit stop at the flower shop on the way!

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