Your Quick Guide to Holiday Earnings

The holidays are here, so now’s your chance to plan your driving schedule for the highest earnings. We’ve got an up-to-date guide of when and where you’ll earn the most during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

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Weekend Before Christmas

Passengers will be starting their holiday travel and last-minute gifting, so expect an increase in both airport rides and trips to shopping malls December 21-23. We anticipate the biggest spike in airport rides on Friday, otherwise, we typically see things slow down over the weekend.


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

With families celebrating traditions across both days, we expect fewer ride requests on December 24 and 25.


Day After Christmas  

Airport requests should pick up as out-of-towners head back home or locals take off for their New Year’s plans. Passenger requests to restaurants and hotspots around town should also return to normal.


New Year’s Eve

If you only drive one night, this is it! New Year’s Eve is our biggest night of the year, and your chance to earn the most. Expect ride requests to increase as the day goes on and evening plans begin — with a spike after the midnight countdown.



Now that you’ve got the best times to drive, here’s where you can expect more passengers requesting rides this week:

  • Airports: Millions of Americans travel during Christmas every year, so prepare to make airport trips — and higher earnings — to and from the runway.

  • Restaurants and bars: Holidays bring people together — that means lots (and lots) of food, drinks, and celebrations.

  • Shopping malls: Gifting is one of the merriest Christmas traditions, so retailers are preparing with discounts and longer working hours — that means limited parking and more rides for you.

  • Downtown: With visitors in town, expect trips to sightseeing hotspots, museums, and downtown throughout the week.

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