New: Cancel with Peace of Mind


When you’re on the road, we want you to always be safe and supported. More passengers than seat belts or kids without car seats? Now you can cancel a ride due to a safety concern and still get paid for your time. You’ll still get paid for the ride and we’ll protect your acceptance rate.

Easy access

After you tap the ^ and select ‘Cancel ride,’ you’ll see the new screen above.

Get paid for your time

Some situations are out of your control. When you cancel for safety concerns, you’ll still get paid the cancellation fee.

Protected acceptance rate

And don’t worry, your hard-earned acceptance rate won’t be affected at all.

We’re here to help

If you have to cancel for reasons not listed in the app, tap ‘Unsafe situation.’ You can tell us what happened and provide more details right in the app, which will go straight to our Critical Response team. Then an agent will follow up with you ASAP.* We will also follow up with the passenger to ensure that they comply with our cancellation policy in the future.

Your safety is our top priority. As always, thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

*If you have an emergency, please call 911.