San Antonio: Cash In During Festival Events

The annual festival in San Antonio is taking place from April 20-30 and expected to draw over 300,000 attendees, creating especially high demand on rides and more ways for you to cash in.

Where to Drive

You can expect the highest demand before and after each night’s events. Note: Lyft drivers should have their Lyft emblem displayed on the inside of your windshield — it not only looks great on you, but also helps your passengers to identify your car.

Road Closures

Similar to other events, the festival will also require road closures to keep attendees safe. Remember: Roads near the parades will be prohibited.

Avoid citations with local officials with these tips:

  • Make sure you don’t hang out at taxi stands, in traffic lanes, or in bus zones.

  • Some roads are restricted for vehicles such as limos, taxis, and ridesharing services like Lyft, so make sure your Lyft emblem is displayed.

  • Only accept rides through the Lyft app.

Best Pickup and Drop-Off Locations

To keep your rides running smoothly, try using these pickup and drop-off spots. They’re as close as possible to the event, while still avoiding major closures.


April 20 at Hemisfair Park

  • Rideshare Pickup/Drop-off locations:

  • Cesar Chavez at S. Alamo

  • Market at S. Alamo

  • Presa at Nueva


April 20-30 at the Alamodome

  • Rideshare Pickup/Drop-off locations:

    • Lot B, Gate 3


April 21-22 at the Oyster Bake

  • Rideshare Pickup/Drop-off locations:

  • 36th at Bangor

  • Culebra at Memorial

  • Camino Santa Maria at Cincinnati


April 21-30 at Market Square

  • Rideshare Pickup/Drop-off locations:

    • Dolorosa at Santa Rosa


April 25-28 in Downtown San Antonio

  • Rideshare Pickup/Drop-off location:
    • Villita at Navarro


April 28 at the Parade

  • Rideshare Pickup/Drop-off location:
    • Market Street at the Convention Center


April 29 at King William Park

  • Rideshare Pickup/Drop-off location:

    • 700 South Main Ave East Arsenal


April 29 at the Parade

  • Rideshare Pickup/Drop-off location:

    • Market Street at the Convention Center

Thanks for helping San Antonio keep festival attendees moving. See you on the road!


Lyft is not affiliated or associated with Fiesta® San Antonio.