New! Easily Share Passenger Feedback

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We've designed a new way for drivers to give feedback that doesn’t disrupt your day (or night). You can still share your opinion after each ride — but you can also wait up to 24 hours. It’s easier to give more details since you won’t be in the middle of driving.


Two Ways to Give Feedback

1) Tap the star icon, immediately after any ride.

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2) Tap the ‘Earnings’ tab, then select the passenger’s ride, up to 24 hours after any ride.

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Fewer Taps, More Money

Thanks to this new experience, there are fewer steps required to finish each ride, so you can get back to earning, faster. This also gives you greater control over how and when you give feedback on your passengers, should you want to. If you do nothing, your passenger will automatically get 5 stars.

Your Opinion Is Crucial

As you know, your input shapes passenger ratings, which will continue to reflect their average feedback from drivers. Based on your suggestions, we’re also improving the experience for how passengers rate drivers. Stay tuned for details in the next month.