Meet Shuttle, a New Way to Rack up Rides


Picture the perfect Lyft Line: You pull up to an open curb where your passenger’s already waiting. As you drive to the destination, there's another pickup or two along the way, increasing your chance of earning tips and bonuses. And it all takes place during commute hours, the time of day with the most requests.

Shuttle, our newest ride type, is bringing that to life in San Francisco and Chicago.


Driver-Friendly Stops
Passengers walk to you.


Convenient Routes
You’ll see minimal rerouting.

More Rides per Hour
The chances of tips and bonuses increase.

How It Works

When you get a Shuttle ride, you’ll only pick up and drop off at set locations, which we’ve placed along convenient routes for the weekday commute: 6:30-10 AM and 4:00-8 PM. We’ll tell passengers where to meet you, and when to start walking there. Just make sure to meet them on the same side of the street as their pin in the Lyft app, since that’s the direction you’ll be heading in.

The Driver Experience

From your perspective, it looks just like a Line ride — but more efficient. Simply follow the prompts in the app and the passengers will come to you. With less backtracking and smoother pickups, you’ll be able to give more efficient rides and earn more tips during commute hours.

Got questions about Shuttle stops, or suggestions on how to improve? Reach out to us through the Help Center.