Tacoma Business License Renewal

Tacoma regulations require all Lyft drivers to obtain a Tacoma business license. To continue driving with Lyft in the City Tacoma / Pierce County, renew your Tacoma business license by January 31, 2019.

You can renew online or by mail. Here’s how:

  • Renew online. Sign in to the business license portal and renew online by following the prompted instructions (user fees apply).

  • Renew by mail. You may have received a notice in the mail that included a renewal form. Mail a payment check with the renewal form back to the City of Tacoma.

If you no longer plan to drive with Lyft in 2019, please let Tacoma know to close your business license account in good standing.

There are two ways to close your business license account.

  • Close online. You may easily close your account online. Scroll down to “Available Services” and select “2. Close My Account”.

  • Close by email. Submit a closure request via email to licenseinfo@cityoftacoma.org. In the email remember to include your full name, city account number and the date you stopped operating in Tacoma.

Thank you for staying compliant in City of Tacoma. Questions about other Tacoma specific requirements? Head to our Help Center.