Big Game, Bigger Earnings: Drive This Sunday

The Patriots and Falcons take the field this Sunday at 6:30 PM EST for the Big Game, but the big earnings will start sooner.

When and Where to Drive

Fans will flock to local sports bars and viewing parties starting a couple hours before the game. Hit the road shortly after noon CST for the first wave of requests, then take a break once the game kicks into high gear. (If you’re a football fan, this is your chance to tune in.)

The second spike in demand starts as the game comes to a close. Since many passengers will watch the game with a beverage or two, they’ll be relying on you as their designated driver, so make sure not to call it a day at halftime.

Delight Your Passengers

Remember, tipping is encouraged with Lyft— and you keep 100% of your tips. To increase your chances of earning extra, wear your favorite team’s colors, and prepare playlists full of pump-up jams.