Deciding when and where to drive can be challenging. So we’ve updated the app with features to help you plan your day and drive during the hours with highest demand.


Easily See When It’s Busy

While you’re offline or waiting for ride requests, you can now see a chart that shows when demand will be highest. And you can now see all available bonuses at a glance (no more swiping left) — which will make planning your day even easier.


Improved Demand Schedule

We’ve made a few updates to make the demand schedule even more helpful for you:

  • We’ve redesigned the bar graph so it’s easier to see what times are the busiest.

  • Based on your feedback, the data we use to predict demand for holidays and special events is now more accurate and dynamic.

Coming Soon: Event Listings

In the next few months, you’ll also see a list of popular events in your city. We’ll let you know when this feature rolls out.

We know you're driving toward big goals. These tools will make it easier to maximize your time and achieve your goals even faster. Be sure to update your Driver app to take advantage of these features.