New! Track Bonuses in Real Time

We know you’re on the road for one big reason: to earn more. And now you can track your incentives progress while you drive.


See How Close You Are to More

With real-time accuracy, this new feature automatically allows you to see exactly how many more rides you need to give to hit your goals.

What the counter displays depends on what you’re working toward. For example, if it’s a sign-on bonus, it’ll keep track throughout the redemption period. If you’re on the road to a Power Driver Bonus, the amount will reset each week. Even if you don’t have a current incentive, your weekly earnings and ride count will be visible (especially helpful when you’re putting every penny toward that dream vacation).


Let Us Do The Legwork

You don’t have to opt in or turn anything on; We’ll keep track of your incentives so you can focus on driving.

Note that the number you’ll see is pre-commission — but now you’ll be able to track how close you are to earning all or most of that back with the Power Driver Bonus. We’re also working on adding Average Hourly Guarantees and Guaranteed Prime Time.

For now, all you have to do is log in and drive toward more earnings.