Round Up & Donate: What to Expect as a Driver

We wanted to share more about a new program we’re testing, Round Up & Donate. For those who haven’t seen it already, the below ad appeared in The New York Times this morning.

Round Up & Donate

Since Lyft launched, drivers and passengers have been a constant source of ideas and motivation that’s helped shape our vision and product. We believe by taking action together, we can have a positive impact. Starting in the next few weeks, we’ll be testing a new program called Round Up & Donate. Passengers will have the option to round up their total fares to the nearest whole dollar and donate the difference to a non-profit organization.

So, for example, if a passenger has opted into the program and their fare is $12.75, we’ll round up the total to $13. That difference of $0.25 will then be donated to a charity.

Increasing Awareness and Demand

This program provides an opportunity for passengers to do good just by sliding in your back seat, and is projected to not only increase awareness, but ridership as well. More rides, more earnings, more good.

It’s Separate From Tipping

Passengers can choose to opt in or out. They’ll turn it on in their ‘Settings’ section — which means they set it and forget it. It’s not part of the tipping screen at the end of each ride.

You’re Sitting for Something, Too

This isn’t just for passengers — it involves the entire Lyft community. In fact, you’ll be driving the movement forward with every ride you give. We’re working on other ways for drivers to actively participate, and will keep you posted on those opportunities. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Round Up & Donate. Email us at with any questions, comments, or concerns.

We’re Paying Attention

We’ll be keeping close tabs on this program and will report back on its impact. Keep an eye on the Digest for updates on timing, specific non-profit details, and more in the next coming weeks.

Let’s see where mobilization, action, and goodwill can take us.

Help Pick Our $1,000 #LyftLove Winner

From random acts of kindness to in-car romance, we were blown away by your tales of #LyftLove from the road — and we're having trouble picking our favorite! Comment below or email with your pick of our finalists, and the winner will take home $1,000.

#1: It Takes Three

Today, Kyle is proposing to his girlfriend! His passenger, Tiffany, learned about his plans and helped the groom-to-be pick out the perfect ring.

#2: Love in a Lyft Line

Passenger Sarah shared a Lyft Line with an Italian architect who had an “infectious smile” — and hinted that he could use a tour guide to show him LA. Sarah offered to help, and they fell in love.

#3: Finding the Perfect Gift

After Renee learned her passenger was headed to a baby shower empty-handed, the grandmother of six helped him go shopping for the perfect gift. “He did a fabulous job matching the bag and tissue paper,” she said.

#4: Serendipitous Surprise

Jay had just purchased a bouquet of flowers for his daughter — their tradition — when he got a request from a passenger who looked distraught. “I asked why she was sad, and she said her boyfriend had just broken off their engagement. I felt horrible since Valentine’s was around the corner. I asked her if she liked roses. And I asked her what her favorite color was. She said purple — I was amazed that my daughter’s favorite color was also purple. So I said, “Here, I have something that might cheer you up.’ And handed the bouquet of red roses and purple daisies to her.”

#5: Superhero on MLK Day

Public transportation was limited on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so Linda jumped in to help. “I personally picked up some bus passengers and took them to their destination — and then referred them to download Lyft app in case they needed another ride.”

#6: Women Helping Women

When an ER care provider needed a ride after her car was stolen, Renee made a snap decision to ask her to cancel the request. “I closed down my app and took her home back to Portland as a free ride."

#7: Chapel on Wheels

An ordained minister and comedian, Arthur cruises the Vegas Strip giving away free weddings and renewals. (Witness his latest.)

#8: Part of the Family

Rebecca made a special connection with her passengers over their shared love of family. “They were in town from Idaho to adopt a 9-year-old boy from Utah's foster care system. I got to witness the completion of a new family — the love between these two husbands and the love they had for this new son of theirs was overwhelming.”

#9: Friends for Life

Driver Laura met her best friend, Sam,  on a Lyft ride — and they grew even closer after Sam was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer. Today, Sami is winning the fight, and last week the friends-for-life celebrated a special Galentine's Day Dinner.

#10: Acing the Welcome

On Friday, Daniel had the perfect setup when he got a request from the chapel — including special diffraction glasses, so Danielle and her new bride would literally see stars.

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