Lyft Does St. Patrick's Day

Lyft's spirit of of community was alive and well in more than 15 cities across the country as we helped drivers fuel up before St. Patrick's Day, one of the highest-earning nights of the year

Drivers in cities like Baltimore and Chicago were able to connect with Lyft team members to receive in-person support and get yummy snacks, beverages, and even some Irish swag. Check out the USA Today article highlighting our special Lucky Mode project and take a look at some of our favorite photos of Lyft drivers getting in on the action. Stay tuned for more ways to connect with other drivers in your community in-person. 

Driving Their Lives Forward Through Higher Education

Across North America, Lyft drivers are paying off debt, funding their artistic passions, and, thanks to our new Guild program, continuing their education. With exclusive access to tuition discounts and financial aid for thousands of programs at 80 universities, Esmeralda and Samantha are just two of many drivers taking advantage of this new program.

Esmeralda Reynaga.jpg

Esmeralda is a full-time medical assistant in Phoenix, and is driving with Lyft to pay off debt. She loves the flexibility that Lyft provides, and has received helpful career advice from passengers. Esmeralda had been wanting to go back to school for quite some time, but hesitated for financial reasons. After learning about our Guild partnership in the Driver Digest, Esmeralda sprung into action and is now pursuing a degree in Management of Human Resources — putting her dream of helping others into motion.

Samantha Ifill.jpg

Samantha is a full-time manager at a medical office in Miami, and started driving with Lyft because she was having financial troubles.  She sees driving for Lyft as an opportunity to network with others, and specifically strives to empower her female passengers. Samantha is thrilled about the partnership that Lyft has built with Guild, and will be starting a program to earn her Entrepreneurial and Small Business Certificate. Her goal is to gain the knowledge and tools she needs to own her own business. Samantha is passionate about fitness and hopes to be a personal trainer and nutrition coach one day.

Are you interested in furthering your education? Learn more about how you can pursue your dream career with Guild.

Driving Lyft Forward - Your 2018 DAC

In 2016, we announced the first-of-its-kind Driver Advisory Council. Now we’re continuing our tradition of engaging driver community leaders in cities across North America by announcing a new DAC.

Feedback from the Lyft community inspired us to choose a diverse group of drivers from different backgrounds who best represent our core values, from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh and Chicago to Austin.

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Taking Your Feedback to Heart: 2018 DAC

Earlier this month, we asked the driver community and Lyft stakeholders across the country to share your input about finalists for the 2018 Driver Advisory Council (DAC). We received helpful feedback that has inspired us to take some time to rethink our approach.

Rest assured: we heard you loud and clear. We are taking your feedback to heart and working hard to deliver the best outcome for this important program.

We’re still excited to welcome a new Driver Advisory Council in 2018, continuing our tradition of engaging driver community leaders in cities across North America. Stay tuned for an update on our selection for the 2018 DAC.

Canada: Your Ride Earnings Statements Have Changed

We’ve made an important change to your Lyft ride history and ride earnings statements.

From now on, you’ll immediately see the HST collected after each ride is completed. So even if the passenger hasn’t rated the ride or added a tip you’ll know right away how much HST you’ll need to collect and save for the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

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