Incoming! Unpacking Your Brand-New Welcome Kit

Greetings, Noob! Get excited: There’s a special package headed your way, and it’s got your name on it. The tools inside will help get you close to that coveted 30-ride milestone, when you'll unlock your perks.

Official Lyft Emblem

Yep, it’s pink and shiny. (What else did you expect?) Your emblem lives in a cozy clear sleeve on the inside of your windshield, curbside. Make sure it’s in the lower right-hand corner so it doesn’t block your passenger’s view of your stellar navigating. We strongly encourage you to rock your emblem — it not only looks great on you, but also helps your passengers identify your car.

Phone Mount

As a Lyft driver, you’ll need both hands free for driving (and fistbumps). Your Welcome Kit includes a Kenu Airframe phone mount, the perfect place for your phone to hang out while you’re in driver mode. Letting your phone run loose in your hands, lap, or cupholder is a recipe for disaster. Safety first!

Attach that puppy to the driver’s side windshield. Having your phone sturdily placed within eyesight, but not blocking your view, will help you navigate and keep your eye out for ride pings when you’re between requests.


Arguably the shining star of the kit, your Cuddlestache is a triple threat: It helps passengers identify your car, delights passengers young and old, and serves as a great microphone for car karaoke. It’s comfiest when tucked into the nook between your dash and windshield.

Getting Started Guide

Noobs and questions go together like peanut butter and jelly (...or like passengers and Starbursts). To help answer your questions, the Welcome Kit now includes a handy Quick-Start Guide. It’s chock full of pro tips on giving rides, maximizing earnings, understanding Lyft’s insurance, and being an all-star driver. Here’s a bonus pro tip: For the best results, read your guide forwards and backwards, then store it in your car for easy access. You’ll graduate from Noob to Ace in no time.

The short version: Get ready for an epic delivery, and we'll see you on the road.